Comets and Silver Shooting Star Bowl
Comets and Silver Shooting Star bowl .jpg
Trees across from English Bay Vessel
  Hornby Evening Cliffside   As I worked on this vessel the porcelain clay in my hands brought to mind my evenings on Hornby Island where I lived for many years.  I lived on the west side above the ocean and in the evenings, as the sun set, the trees became silhouetted against the golden light, revealing the constant and intense signature of the winter winds that bonsaied their attempt to grow towards the sun but instead pushed them away from it. As you turn the vessel you can see a miniature porcelain portrait of the trees that grew along my cliff side.
Midday along the Hornby Cliff
The Giant Oyster Bowl
The Giant Oyster Bowl
Palm Fron Interlace
A Pair of Forest Tree Vessels
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